Rotax Max 125 Light

Name: Dennis Nicols

Age: Too old to mention (ie he can't remember)

Racing Number: 48

Chassis: GP10

Engine: Rotax Max 125

Years Racing: 17

Hobbies/Interests: Racing, Fishing, Lifestyle (of work) Block

Sponsors: My Darling Wife xxx




Name: Ron Alexander

Age: 61

Racing Number: 74

Chassis: GP

Engine: Rotax Max 125

Years Racing: 15

Hobbies/Interests: Kart Racing, Fishing

Sponsors: Custom Built Cabinets

Hometown: Auckland



Name: Todd Jolly

Age: 46

Racing Number: 13

Chassis: Intrepid

Engine: Rotax Max 125

Years Racing: 14

Hobbies/Interests: Go Karts

Sponsors: Self

Name: Logan Boyde

Age: 19

Racing Number: 3

Chassis: Tony Kart

Engine: Rotax FR125

Years Racing: 13

Hobbies/Interests: Karting, Off Roaders, Soccer

Hometown: Inglewood

Sponsors: EHL Group, The Sign Shop

Achievements: Current NZ champion - 1st place 2016 Nationals, 3rd place Rotax Max light 2015 nationals

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