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2017 AGM

Venue, Manfeild (Circuit Chris Amon) 02/07/17

Attendance: Andrew Hall, Nick Isaac, Robin Isaac, Brent Murgatroyd, Chris Simmonds, Dan Isaac, Bev Isaac, Eddie Donnelly, Haylee Wallace, Jenny Parkes, Nikki Ongley, Lee Sefton, Mark Ongley, Michael Simmonds, Peter Cottam, Richard Simmonds, Ricky Lang, Ron Alexander, Ryan Urban, Tony Bowden, Teddy Bassick, Todd Jolly, Tony Gestro, Wayne Sproston, Darryl Currie, Logan Boyde, Steve Boyde, David Cox, Brent Gordon, Caleb Hartley.

Apologies: M Weiss

Robin Isaac welcomed everyone.
Andrew Hall, hasn’t prepared anything for AGM. The last 6 months has been pretty dysfunctional in terms of the Executive of the club.
Robin presented draft financials for 2016/17, these are to be audited by chartered accountant & will be sent out to members in due course.
A few questions regarding expenses that were asked & answered by members & Robin. Still some outstanding prize money from 2016 to be paid out, Robin explained he has been away a lot with work & hasn’t been able to complete this.

Committee Vote
President, Nominations from Andrew Hall & Nick Isaac.
Andrew stated if he was voted in as President he has a team he would like to support him set out.
Vice President: Martijn Weiss
Secretary:       Haylee Wallace
Treasruer:       Nikki Ongley
Race Secretary: Jenny Parkes
Committee:     Richard Simmonds
Andrew has put this team together to assist him & the club going forward, so a vote for him would be a vote for this team.

Nick said he doesn’t have any agendas or a team ready to go. He just wants to get in & get the work done.
Vote was by people moving to the side of the room that nominated person was standing on.
Count of members was done by Robin Isaac. Vote was 16-15 in favour of Andrew Hall.

Motions to be Passed
1. The club bank, BNZ to be notified that Ross Tait, Campbell Hicks and Robin Isaac can no longer access the SKDC bank account.
2. New club secretary Haylee Wallace and Treasurer Nikki Ongley to be provided access to SKDC bank account.
Motions Passed.

1. In lieu of SKDC Club Secretary, Nick Isaac, resigning 10/12/2016, club president Andrew Hall asked club member Haylee Wallace to take minutes for the AGM.

2. The AGM was concluded with no objection to: The format of the meeting, The voting system used by the members during the meeting, nor The duly elected new committee.

2016 AGM

Hi All

This last year has been a year of consolidation and refinement with special emphasis on raising our club profile through social media.

For the first time in NZ road racing history our club has offered all drivers cash prizes. This in its self is a major achievement in our quest to

  1. Put something back into the sport for drivers and
  2. Be in a position to offer an enticement to further draw more drivers into our sport.


August 2015 saw the development and launch of our club website, All results and entry forms are now available through the website.

September 2015 we held a combined car and karts National event at Taupo. This event was run very successfully by HRC events and has set the format that we are likely to follow into the future. Combining with cars has made the event affordable for us, which is of particular importance given the ever increasing nature of track hire age fees.

December 2015 and NZPetrolhead released a 2 page spread on my international superkart. This article lead to an invitation to display our karts at the Kumeu Classic car and hotrod show. Due to time restraints our display was small however the public loved looking at the karts and we have been invited back for this years show and hope to be able to put on a much bigger display.

2016 and a new DD2 class is introduced. Class rules are nearly identical to sprinting rules so that there are no barriers stopping DD2 drivers from joining us road racing. It is still too early to tell how successful this approach will be, however the class will be reviewed for next year to see if any changes may be needed.

KZ2 class is growing in popularity due to the reliable nature of the engines and the relative affordability of good secondhand gear on the market. The roll on effect is that 250 National class has taken a hammering.

The SKDC facebook page has been going from strength to strength with much interest after each round of our series. Videos and photos are now seeing 30,000+ page views. At  the suggestion of Kartsport president Graeme Moore it was suggested we do a ‘face off’ with Greg Murphy to see if we could get 100,000 views. We successfully released a video through Sky Sport and to date it has achieved more than 103,5000 page views with huge comment, interaction and sharing. Actual members to our facebook page has grown by over 150 since mid 2015. Facebook has certainly lead to an increased awareness of our sport.

2017 race dates will largely reflect the same approximate dates and meetings as 2016. Timetables for the tracks have finally been set and the club is now in a position where it can secure the same meetings year on year. This will include one tier1 event and 5 tier 2 events, plus the Nationals at Hampton Downs. While track fees have increased by 33% per meeting the club will absorb this increase in order to keep series round entry fees low.

The current club committee members of Robin Isaac, Nick Isaac, and Richard Simmonds have advised me that they are happy to carry on for another year. If you are all happy for me to carry on , then I will also put my hand up for another year. While we have our moments I feel over all the current committee members work well together.

I have asked through facebook for a representative from each class. Are there any representatives here today?

Thank you everyone for supporting our club.

Andrew Hall

SKDC President


Venue and date: Manfield 5th of June 2016

  1. The Presidents address was given by Andrew Hall which covered the progress the club has made over the past year with regards to increasing the profile of our sport and the club through social media and other initiatives, the implementation of DD2 as a stand alone class and the growth seen in the National 125cc class this year. He went on to explain that the club faces growing costs with regards to track hireage and that the club is looking to absorb those costs in the near future without passing on any increase in race fees to our members. He explained that race dates for next year will be very similar to this year and that although there has been talk that Hampton Downs may be out of reach for the club following it’s purchase by Tony Quinn that we have secured events there next year.
  2. The treasurers report was delivered by Robin Isaac which showed the club remains in a good position financially. Copies of the clubs financial statement were given to those club members in attendance. It was suggested that we may need to have the clubs finances audited at some stage.
  3. The current committee, Andrew Hall (President), Robin Isaac (Treasurer and Race Secretary), Nick Isaac (Club Secretary) and Richard Simmonds (Committee member) all indicated they were happy to carry on in the roles. Nominations were sought for the various roles but none were forthcoming so the current committee was unanimously voted in for another year.

General business

  1. The club remit to allow Superkart chassis back into national class was unsuccessful. Clubs voted in favour of the rule change but the executive overrode the remit. The committee needs to fully understand the reasoning behind this and report back to the members.
  2. It was unanimously agreed that prize money for next years series will be paid out in a lump sum at the end of the series as opposed to every round. The reasoning behind it is to encourage series participation rather than people doing the odd round and taking away prize money when they don’t support the series as a whole.
  3. It was unanimously agreed that next years points system is going to be revamped to tighten up the large points gaps we are currently seeing.
  4. It was unanimously agreed that the current system for dropping your worst result over the series will remain. The only difference being that a competitor who competes in every round of the series will no longer drop the points gained by entering the dropped round as has been the case. Entry points currently stand at 30 points per round.
  5. Brent Murgatroyd agreed to be the class liaison for DD2.
  6. Mark Ongley and Richard Simmonds agreed to assist the club by contacting other clubs prior to upcoming meetings to try and increase the participation numbers going forward.


Minutes prepared by Nick Isaac

These members attended the AGM

Andrew Hall

Nick Isaac

Robin Isaac

Brent Murgatroyd

Cameron Dance

Cathie Geard

Chris Simmonds

Dan Isaac

Eddie Donnelly

Kevin Geard

Lee Sefton

Mark Ongley

Michael Simmonds

Peter Cottam

Richard Simmonds

Ricky Lang

Ron Alexander

Ryan Urban

Sean Heffernan

Sharn Connor

Teddy Bassick

Todd Jolly

Tony Gestro

Warwick Dunn

Wayne Sprosten

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