FaceBook Competition.

FaceBook Competition.

Congratulations Kevin Geard.

For his efforts Kevin took home a Bosch cordless drill kit.

I love the caption, It would make a great club moto.

But also this photo represents a lot more than initially meets the eye. Paul Dunlop is a true representative of our sport. He traveled just under 1300km to get to Taupo raceway. Even knowing the weather was not going to be great, he made the haul just to be on the track and racing with us. When not racing he is developing and tweaking his kart, and now he has a very seriously fast, well presented, Superkart.
But our sport is about even more than passion and commitment.

Our sport is about people helping people. Seen in the photo here is Paul's helper 'Hilly'. None of us would actually be racing if it were not for our helpers. Be it pushers, go-fers, mechanics, someone to talk to for advice, someone to help you out with a spare part or a tool you haven't got at the track, our volunteer officials and race organisers. Helpers are everywhere, and our sport could not function without them.
This photo shows the bond between Passion, Machine and Helpers.

NZPetrolhead magazine gives SKDC a FREE Promo

NZPetrolhead magazine gives SKDC a FREE Promo

One thing I have found through business is that building relationships with other businesses and working together where possible will be of benefit to both parties. It is the same with clubs. It is really great that over the last 2 weeks The Superkart Drivers Club has built a relationship with Ken Galvin, promoter of The Kumeu Classic Car and Hotrod Show. He is keen to get us back next year with more karts, in an outdoor area, so that we can do engine starts for the public.
Another relationship the club has built over the last 12 months or so, is with NZPetrolhead editor Alistair Davidson. Once again he has done the club a huge favour by promoting our cash series on page 37 of this months, January issue. Later in the year when the series rolls back around to Hampton Downs I hope that Alistair will be able to have a drive of my kart. He wants to describe to NZPetrolhead readers just what it is like to be 25mm off the track at 200km/h +. It should be an interesting read cool
NZPetrolhead is one of the few remaining mags that covers all forms of motorsport (and it is free). Please support NZPetrolhead by grabbing a mag and where possible supporting their advertisers. NZ is a small country and if your kart is shown in a photo published in NZPetrolhead it wont be long before you run into someone who got the mag, saw your kart and wants to know more about it.

SuperKarts at Kumeu Classic Car & Hotrod Show

SuperKarts at Kumeu Classic Car & Hotrod Show

After NZPetrolhead ran a feature article on my superkart I had a phone call from Kumeu Classic Car and Hotrod show organiser Ken Galvin. He was impressed with the karts and wanted some superkarts to feature at the show. A big thanks to Tony Bowden, aka Bowden Engineering and Fabrication, and Martijn Weiss (Sponsored by Barfoot and Thompson) for supporting The Superkart Drivers Club with 3 more superkarts to feature at the show.
The Kumeu Classis Car and Hotrod Show is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, car show of the year in Auckland. Participants come from far and wide and over 3500 of them camp out at the show. The place is absolutely humming with spectators.
Unfortunately, due to a courier muck up, the signage for our karts did not turn up in time for the show. Next year Ken has promised us an area for more karts and much better signage, with advertising in the lead up to the show. Regardless of the signage hiccup with this years show, the club has 4 karts in a very high profile environment with club flags waving. This is a big plus for our club. Next year we will do better. Here are some photos of our display.

NZ Petrolhead Promo

Alistair Davidson, editor of NZPetrolhead was going to drive my kart but due to an unfortunate accident just days before his drive date he couldn't. Instead he has featured my kart in this months issue of NZ Petrolhead.
There is also a promo of our 2016 series meeting dates. The feature has had an immediate impact with an invitation to display a number of superkarts at the up coming Kumeu Classis Car and Hotrod Show 16th-17th January.

Ross Tait Rush

See HERE for update to the way RTR will be run in 2016. Entry is still free, but the rules have completely changed.

Tig Welder and Compressor

For those not aware, the club has recently purchased a very good Tig welder and an air compressor. In fact, round 3 at Hampton was only the second time these two pieces of equipment have been available at the track. The Tig welder has already proved it's worth, having been used to keep a kart racing. Without the welder the kart owner would be trudging most of the way down the north island having had a disappointing end to a promising race weekend. Thanks to Tony Bowden for operating the welder. I would like to stress that the gear is there for anyone to use at the track. If anyone has more ideas for essential equipment to kept karts on the track, racing, let me know. We don't want anyone going home disappointed if we can possibly help it.

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