National 250

Name: Chris James

Age: 35

Racing Number: 61

Chassis: Arrow AX8

Engine: 1996 Suzuki RM250

Years Racing: 3

Hobbies/Interests: Racing, Can't do much else as no time left after pleasing the wife :)

Sponsors:, Alltech Diesel and Turbo Ltd

Hometown: Auckland

Occupation: Turbo Technician, Administration

Name: Bruce James

Age: 37

Racing Number: 77

Chassis: Tony Kart

Engine: Honda CR250

Years Racing: 12

Hobbies/Interests: Anything Motorsport

Sponsors: Auto Super Shoppes Birkenhead, HLR Racing, Alltech Diesel And Turbo Ltd, Engine Specialities Ltd.

Hometown: Auckland

Occupation: Diesel Technician

Achievements: 2007 3NZ NZ Dirt Champion Open Class, 2008 NZDirt Champion, Open class,

Name: Michael Simmonds

Age: 29

Racing Number: 4

Chassis: Arrow

Engine: Kawasaki KX250

Years Racing: 1

Hobbies/Interests: Racing, Classic Cars, Kids

Sponsors: Richard Simmonds (the money man)

Hometown:  Wellington



Name: Tony Gestro

Age: Young at heart

Racing Number: 46

Chassis: Maranello, Anderson

Engine: Honda CR250

Years Racing: 15

Hobbies/Interests: Racing, Road cycling, Eating (my favourite)

Sponsors: Self

Hometown: Wellington

Occupation:  Owner - Indoor grand prix, Wellington

Achievements: 1st place 2015 NZ Superkart Championship 250 Nat class, 1st place 2015 Superkart Series 250 Nat class.  2nd place 2014 + 2016 NZ Superkart Championship International class.

Name: Chris Simmonds

Age: 32

Racing number: 39

Chassis: Maranello

Engine: Kawasaki KX250

Years racing: 14

Hometown: Wellington

Occupation: Trust officer at public trust

Sponsors: The old man

Achievements: NZ Champion National class 2014, 2nd place National class 2015 nationals.

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